Insider Ownership

Insider Ownership
Name Relationship / Title Current Shares Trading Activity
richter irvin e Beneficial Owner (10% or more) 4,009,565 View
richter david l Officer 3,732,444 View
richter stuart s Officer 542,932 View
Crescendo Partners II LP Beneficial Owner (10% or more) 276,175 View
ghali raouf s Officer 173,031 View
kramer steven m Director 131,382 View
sgro david Director 126,652 View
samelian frederic z Officer 104,712 View
clymer brian w Director 103,728 View
fellheimer alan s Director 82,526 View
andrews camille s Director 57,837 View
emma ronald f Officer 50,091 View
Bulldog Investors, LLC Beneficial Owner (10% or more) 2,841,045 View
martin craig l Director 22,511 View
Fanelli John III Officer 20,930 View
mazzucco gary f Director 19,808 View
dengler william h Officer 16,582 View
emma catherine h Officer 16,583 View
curts steven ray Director 15,293 View
evans paul j. Director 10,958 View
gillman charles m Director 10,958 View
spearing thomas j iii Officer 6,750 View
al rais mohammed Officer 3,000 View

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